Rusty, The Dog


The dog who stole our hearts!!


This weekend, we are celebrating our Rusty, the dog!!  It was three years ago, yesterday that he adopted us!  Unbeknownst to the man and the manboy, I went over to Animal Services and started looking at dogs to bring home.

Oh my goodness, by the time I left an hour later, I wanted to bring them all home.  Of course I could not.  Amongst the couple of hundred dogs I saw, one stood out!

In a kennel with about six other dogs, he was in the corner, not cowering, just sitting.  He was the only dog that was not all hyper and was not barking.  Since, I had never really been a dog-person, I thought, “That dog is so mellow.  This is the dog for me!!”

So, I went to the staff to ask about meeting the dog.  They brought him out of the kennel and he walked right up to me and laid his head on my lap.  Not in a sad way, but like he was just coming up to allow me to pet him.  He was so friendly, but not in a pain-in-the-butt kind of way!

I quickly told them that yes, this was indeed the dog for our family.  So, they got everything prepared and told me that he’d be ready for pickup the next day.

So, I left and went shopping.  I bought dog food, toys, balls, bedding, a carrier, a leash, a collar and anything else that I could think that he would need.

The reasons I chose Rusty were because he was a good size, not too small and not a big dog.  He was brown and black and I thought, if he sheds a lot, then at least it will match the furniture.  The fact that he was not hyper or a big barker was a very big plus!!

The next day, I went to pick him and surprised the guys at home.  Lorenzo was beside him excited because he had been asking for a dog for quite a few years.  He was looking forward to playing fetch and ball with him and teaching him tricks.

This was taken on the day that we brought him home.

While Rusty was a very good dog from Day One, he was not quite what we expected.  He does not fetch, he does not play with toys and balls…he’ll just look at them bounce by him.  But, some great unexpected factors were that he was already house-trained, does not shed AT ALL and he didn’t bark at all!  He was, in my eyes, the perfect dog!!

Three years have now passed and WOW!!  What a little blessing this little creature has turned out to be!!  He knows when we are down or sick and will just come and sit or lay by us, simply to allow us to pet him.  He must know how relaxing that is for us, humans!

We have been through a lot with this dog.  We’ve made it through rescuing him AGAIN after he jumped our 5 ft wall and got incarcerated for running the streets.  We’ve made it through surgery when he got into our garbage and ate a whole turkey carcass leftover from Thanksgiving 2009.  We’ve made it through Heartworm treatment which required him to stay in a kennel for 30 days.  We’ve made it through a few road trips as he went home with us to meet the rest of the family.  Now, they know, if we’re visiting, we’re bringing him with us.  He’s also enjoyed a few Scout campouts.

After his first Scout campout, he was so tired! We got into the house and he barely made it to his bed and crashed!!

Rusty, truly has become a much-loved family member.  On any given day, you can confirm this when hearing us interchange his and Renzo’s name.  On many occasions, we’d be talking to the manboy and instead of calling him Renzo, the name Rusty will accidentally leave our lips.  At first, I think the manboy was insulted until he realized that this was not intended as an insult, because he knows how much we love that silly dog!!

Anyhow, so today, we will continue to enjoy Rusty, The Dog.  I call him that, because often we have to remind ourselves and him that he is, in fact, a dog!!!  😀

We were visiting some friends and we all went out to the side of the mesa to watch the sunset. We pulled up the chair and guess who grabbed it!


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